ACCA launches new Career Navigator Tool to inspire and boost Career Moves

ACCA today launched the free new Career Navigator tool to help accountants and finance professionals progress their careers and take advantage of job opportunities in the resilient sector.

The digital tool identifies the core skills accountants need at each level of their career to allow them to be successful in the next decade. It lays out the way for finance professionals to move forward and highlights opportunities for them to advance by developing the right skills.

The Career Navigator has analyzed more than 120 private and public sector global finance roles and outlines the skills and experience required, so members and students can plot their career path, right from junior levels to chief executive. Where they lack training, the tool will link them to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses to fill the gaps.

ACCA aims to help students and members to grow into senior leadership roles by identifying exactly what capabilities are required at every level and helping them to map their own skills. The tool will make it transparent to them what steps they need to take in order to give them the competitive edge to achieve the next step in their career path.

If a management accountant aspires to become a chief financial officer (CFO), Career Navigator will help to open the door to their next step, recommending courses to achieve the targeted learning and skills required. It will also link to inspiring case studies of CFOs in ACCA’s magazine Accounting and Business.

The Career Navigator also offers links to current vacancies on the ACCA Careers site at the level members are researching, so that they can seamlessly apply for a new role if they are a good match for the skills and experience needed.

ACCA Careers carries over 200,000 jobs each month with global opportunities for accountancy and finance professionals at all levels. It also offers careers advice and virtual careers fairs.

Over the last year, global hiring hotspots where there have been most job applications include Pakistan, Malaysia, UK and UAE, according to data from ACCA Careers.

Nigel Bicknell, head of ACCA Careers, said: ‘It’s clear that ACCA talent has been able to maintain a very strong career position throughout the pandemic.

‘Our qualified accountants and students continue to be in high demand and are highly valued for their skills, many of which have been showcased by the economic effects of the pandemic. The demand for forward thinking sustainable business and finance professionals, across all sectors globally, has never been greater.

‘We believe the Career Navigator can give another boost to finance professionals’ careers. Knowing what skills you need right now, and in the future, is key to long-term career and business success. Our tool brings together everything you need to set your route to success.’

ACCA launched the Career Navigator last week with a flagship global digital event hosted by ACCA president Mark Millar and chief executive Helen Brand.

Mark said: ‘I’m particularly pleased about the launch of the Career Navigator, which really adds to the range of employability and career support that we have for our members and future members.

‘It’s critical that as professional accountants, we think ahead, make the most of the role we can play in driving positive change, and grasp the opportunities all this presents, so that we are the sustainable business and finance professionals of the present, and of the future.’