My Zong App launches ‘10 Rupee Shop’ to give users even Greater Value for Money

Pakistan’s digital services leader, Zong 4G, has now brought another industry-first initiative called ‘10 Rupee Shop’, yet again proving its incessant commitment to serving users in more innovative ways.

Coming to Zong users’ favorite mobile app, the My Zong App (MZA), the initiative is launched with an aim to serve customers who want more value at less cost. With the 10 Rupee Shop, people can now get exciting offerings in just Rs 10 on the MZA app.

“We continue to listen to the real needs of Pakistani telecom consumers and launch initiatives that speak directly to them,” shares Zong’s official spokesperson. “The 10 Rupee Shop brings cost-effective bundles for our users that fulfil their connectivity needs without being heavy on their pockets. This is first initiative of its kind in the industry and shows how focused we are when it comes to customer-centricity.”

Cognizant of its customer-first approach, Zong 4G has dedicated its efforts to providing the best experience to its valued customers. Placing customers at the core, the company aims to continue capitalizing on innovation and new technologies to deliver cutting-edge products and services linked with the ambition of digitalizing Pakistan.

Having a solid belief in innovation and customer-centricity, Zong 4G is geared to meet the needs of its customers in the most innovative and novel ways. As the trend of using digital channels for making payments and purchasing services gains momentum in the COVID-19 era, MZA’s one-stop shop presents an efficient and well-timed solution.

It’s important to note that Zong also recently announced a flash sale of up to 70% on My Zong App, giving Zong users all the more reason to make the most of the app that regularly brings incredible offers.