Huawei Pakistan kicks off IP Club 2021 to empower Businesses

The Huawei Pakistan IP Club Carnival 2021 took place where ICT experts gathered to share the latest network technology trends and discover how enterprises can best adapt to the intelligent era based on next-generation networks, algorithms, and AI capabilities. The event was attended by Mr. Shahzad Rasheed, CTO Huawei, Mr. Munaf, Director IP Solutions Huawei, Mr. Ahmed Saeed, Senior Joint Director of the State Bank of Pakistan, Mr. Mahmood Siddiq, CIO Pakistan Stock Exchange along with other industry leaders and representatives from Huawei.

The event depicted how enterprises can best adapt to the intelligent era base don next generation networks, algorithms and AI capabilities. The insights gained from leading industry voices are predicted to shape the next wave of transformation. The event also featured keynote sessions and technology demonstrations.

Mr. Shahzad Rasheed who spoke on leading intelligent transformation and new values for businesses, mentioned how networks are evolving, creating the need for more speed and the need for upgrading previous applications.

While talking about autonomous driving data center networks for the AI Era, Mr. Munaf described how data centers for the AI era are important because it enables human capabilities, understanding & planning to be undertaken by software increasingly, effectively, efficiently and at a low cost, how flash storage challenges highlight the importance of why AI is so important and zero packet losses can be maintained.

Mr. Mahmood Siddiq explained a customer case study during his experience as CIO PSX, stating that how stock markets have extremely unique requirements where you need an infrastructure where downtime is not possible, and how important it is for latency for be minimal, as a long response time results in big repercussions in the stock market. He appreciated Huawei’s infrastructure for leveling the playing field and making this possible.

Huawei, with the aim to build a fully connected intelligent world, according to their vision and mission called upon Huawei Middle East Region CTO, Mr. Faisal Ameer Malik, to give the closing remarks.