THB Global (The Health Bank) and their Brand Ambassador, Wasim Akram launch the first of its kind Remote Diabetes Management Program in Pakistan

Powered by technology, THB Global (The Healh Bank) introduces Diabetes Connected Care, a Remote Diabetes Management Program in Pakistan, to enhance health outcomes. THB Global’s compassionate and personalized approach is set to change the face of healthcare in the country, providing peace of mind and quality clinical care through remote monitoring and daily support as well as at home services in Pakistan. THB Global is already a leading service provider in Dubai and Kuwait City.

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak and the healthcare system was  overwhelmed, THB Global took the initiative and launched in May 2020 in Karachi.  Amidst the challenging environment, THB Global launched its Home Care division, managing the elderly, children and those afflicted with COVID-19. In parallel THB Global also launched their Global Health Concierge Services (Global Care) in collaboration with insurance companies, corporates and executives in Karachi. With its unparalleled quality of service and commitment to patient care, THB Global’s  services have been highly appreciated and the testimonials given by patients are a testament to the company’s quality of care. Currently, the organization has introduced three key verticals – Global Health Concierge, Chronic Disease Management and Home Health Care Services.

THB Global (The Health Bank) has also introduced Wasim Akram as their Brand Ambassador for Diabetes Connected Care. Akram, an active user of Diabetes Connected Care, and spokesperson for diabetes and healthy living, endorses THB Global for the Chronic Disease Management services. He stated, “THB is a solution to Diabetes Management that will help diabetics manage and improve their condition. Whether it’s diet plans, nutrition advice, keeping your blood sugar in control, home care, or scheduling your appointments, THB services are your best option.  As a diabetic, this service is invaluable – knowing that I have a GP just a phone call away, a nutritionist who is personalizing my care plan, and diabetes educator to ensure I am making the right choices – the Diabetes Connected Care Program helps me manage my diabetes on the go.  Smart devices are used to monitor me from anywhere in the world while my results and progress are tracked. THB makes it easy to access care, ensures full privacy, and gives me and my family a peace of mind.”

THB Global (The Health Bank) promises a Global standard of care using local expertise and resources as it offers reliable healthcare services to individuals, families and corporations across the country. When asked about what the future holds for the country, Zarmina Jafar, Chief Strategy Officer at THB Global stated, “we plan to work with different key players in the healthcare sector including, insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, foundations and more to create an environment with a true continuum of care and enhancement in the delivery, quality as well as access to international standards of healthcare services, through tapping into Global and local expertise.”