BEL has stepped into the City of Kasur to help make it Green - Becon Energy

Beacon energy limited is proud to take our services to next level when it comes to providing our customers with before sale services and after sale services. Our customers, mainly the business men in Kasur and rural Punjab are availing the solar system solution for the betterment of their business and daily life.

After inaugurating offices in all major cities (K/L/I) of Pakistan, we were proud to open our 4th sales office in Kasur. After receiving a very positive response from all the other cities, we are now getting a great response from the businessmen of Kasur and rural Panjab. This event was attended by 150+ guests and state bank of Pakistan representatives provided a briefing about solar financing initiatives and facilitation by GOP.

During the event special shields were also awarded by the honorable Mr. Khursheed Kasuri (ex. Foreign Minister Pakistan) and the CEO of BEL Mr. Nassir Kasuri to the respected Customers of the agri city. With bigger visions comes bigger opportunities for the nation. BEL has generated Employment opportunities all over the country for our youth, as we have employed over 120+ young, passionate and hardworking talented team members, who are dedicated towards bringing a positive change in the country.