Zeb Bangash pens down a Beautiful Birthday Note for her Teacher Ustaad Naseeruddin Saami

Renowned Pakistani singer and song writer Zeb Bangash took to her social media and penned down a heartwarming note wishing her teacher Ustaad Naseeruddin Saami, the Pakistani music maestro, a very happy birthday.

Posting an adorable picture of the two of them together, Zeb wrote about her journey of finding the right teacher who could guide her and help her master her skills.

“I have been drawn to classical music since childhood but I couldn’t find the right teacher till after my first album and two successful single releases happened. In times when the search for the right Ustaad became overwhelming and I felt desperate and despondent, people tried to console me by pointing out that learning was not necessary when one is God-gifted with a voice,” wrote the singer.

“I always felt that my voice is just a part of God’s musical gift to me, having a teacher such as Ustaad Naseeruddin Saami completes that gift,” she added. Her post beautifully describes just how important it is to have a great teacher in your life.

“Grateful for Jaan’s presence and teachings in my life. Happy birthday to my present.” She wrote in the end.