The National Incubation Center hosts Huawei Cloud Connect 2021 Launch

Islamabad proudly hosts Huawei Cloud Connect launch 2021. The purpose of this event was to address the need of Cloudification for the 4th industrial revolution.

An esteemed panel of profound industry experts joined the event to discuss the challenges and opportunities for start ups with cloudification. The panelists included Shaukat Ali – Managing Partner PSEB, Hank Shao – Managing Director, Huawei Cloud Business, Aiman Khan – CEO, SLOSH AI Solutions, Abdul Rahim Ahmed – Chief Information Officer, Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA). The participants and Panelists were welcomed by Parvez Abbasi, Project Director, NIC.

“NIC ‘s vision is to help young people in startups and business development which is not possible without private intervention. NIC welcomes Huawei and hopes to build a relation with startups in terms of IT and communication” — Parvez Abbasi-Project Director The panel discussed the potential and opportunities that cloud services have to offer. As a startup, investing in hardware is not an option in most cases. Cloud is a natural choice, to facilitate startups. Huawei is introducing cloud connect as a CSR, to invest back in the society and for uplifting the society technology wise.

Mr. Hank Shao elaborates that cloud connect is an innovation that helps startups to focus on their business. During this booming era of software industry and entrepreneur, the business needs to reach customers as soon as possible. Cloud connect provides a new pool of customers and services without any boundaries to its users.

SLOSH being a health-Tech startup in Pakistan, brought attention to the challenges faced by IT or digital innovators in Pakistan as there is no direct representation to resolve issues in real time. As well as trainings for the cloudification of startups. To which Huawei Cloud Connect can now act as a provider.

“These facilities, incubation centers all over Pakistan are playing a tremendous role in building a knowledge based economy. Such initiatives are the only way to create jobs and move forward with the legacy thinking we have in mind”– Shahzad Rasheed, CEO, Huawei cloud Pakistan Mr. Shaukat Ali -CTO-PSEB, explained how Pakistan has recently signed six cloud services to create a platform where any IT company can get services in affordable prices. He also discussed lack of awareness on potential of cloud services and arrangement of subsidized training courses for a comprehensive eco systems.

Mr. Farhan Ali, Director Huawei cloud Eco-System & Solutions, shed a light on the global footprint and offering by Huawei spark program for startups. Huawei cloud Spark Program is a global support program. Huawei cloud works with partners, venture capital, and governments to enable startups to help and accelerate their business development. Huawei cloud deals with more than 220 plus services sufficient to a variety of verticals, which gives its users a whole new market to innovate and come up with solutions.

“NIC Islamabad took this initiative to launch Huawei cloud connect, IGNITE is focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurs in Pakistan. 2021 has been remarkable for Pakistani startups, 376-million-dollar worth of investment came to Pakistan.”—Asim Shehryar-CEO-IGNITE

The event was concluded with distribution of shields as a symbol to strengthen the NIC startup bond with Huawei. NIC is optimistic on its plans for a flourishing ecosystem for entrepreneurs / Startups and Huawei cloud connect will only take this to new heights.