Make your WiFi Experience Secure and Seamless with Huawei WiFi AX2 Smart Router

Huawei’s latest WiFi Router, Huawei AX2 goes on Sale for PKR 14,499/- only. Huawei’s advanced WiFi router – HUAWEI WiFi AX2 encourages users to get into new forms of WiFi usage at their homes with several attractive features. Available at outlets nationwide, and from Tuesday, January 4, 2022, Huawei’s latest WiFi Router ushers in a new era of easy connectivity, challenging users to use it for a comfortable and nonstop working experience to improve their own performance and the world around them.

HUAWEI WiFi AX2 Smart Router comes with a significantly improved throughput and capacity to provide smoother HD video streaming, more responsive online gaming experiences, and more. It features HUAWEI Mesh+ which lets users easily connect multiple units of the HUAWEI WiFi Routers for better Wi-Fi coverage at home. The Super Seamless Roaming feature ensures low-latency roaming for an uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience. Besides better Wi-Fi speed and coverage, the new router is also compatible with the HUAWEI AI Life app, with which users have access to a wide array of smart tools for managing their home networks. It also comes with Huawei HomeSec™ which helps safeguard user data privacy and ensure only users with access rights are granted Internet connectivity.

Next-generation Wi-Fi 6 Experience:

HUAWEI WiFi AX2 is a Wi-Fi 6 smart home router that supports a maximum theoretical data transmission rate of 1,500 Mbps[1] in dual-band mode, faster than Wi-Fi 5 routers which can only support a top speed of 1,200 Mbps. Featuring True Dual-band Technology, the router allows connected devices to automatically and dynamically switch between the faster 5GHz channel and the higher range 2.4GHz channel with respect to signal reception, ensuring a reliable Wi-Fi experience regardless of whether the users are near or far away from the router.

Boosted Coverage and Faster Performance:

HUAWEI WiFi AX2 supports HUAWEI Mesh+, which allows users to set up a mesh network with ease to get a significant boost in Wi-Fi signal coverage at home. While one unit of the HUAWEI WiFi AX2 provides up to 90 square metres of coverage[2], users in larger houses can pair two of them together to extend the coverage to up to 160 square metres[3] and enjoy high speed Wi-Fi connectivity across a wider area. As part of the HUAWEI Mesh+, Super Seamless Roaming supports seven roaming algorithms including 802.11k and 802.11v. When users move around at home while streaming a video or playing an online game, the experience remains uninterrupted as access point switching occurs not only seamlessly, but also quickly with roaming latency as low as just 50ms[4].

Smarter Experiences for Smarter Homes:

The HUAWEI WiFi AX2 offers smart and intuitive network management features through the HUAWEI AI Life app. The app provides Smart Diagnosis tools for users to visualise Wi-Fi coverage, troubleshoot common Wi-Fi issues, and manage devices connected to the network. Users can take advantage of Parental Control settings to limit their children’s time online and prohibit young family members from accessing inappropriate content on the Internet.

Improved Home Network Security:

To protect users from increasingly prevalent cyber-attacks, the HUAWEI WiFi AX2 supports HUAWEI HomeSec™ to provide multi-layer security protection for users’ home networks.

As part of the security solution, Brute Force Attack Prevention can identify and prevent malevolent attackers from successfully gaining access to the WLAN via brute force attacks. For data encryption, HUAWEI WiFi AX2 supports the latest Wireless Protected Access III (WPA3) Authentication and Encryption Standard, which uses a 192-bit security suite to further enhance security. Users with guests visiting can set up Guest Wi-Fi, a separate network with its own dedicated password. Devices connected to the Internet via Guest Wi-Fi are isolated from the LAN to prevent guests from accessing the owner’s private data.

Through the HUAWEI AI Life app, users can easily remove unwanted connected devices and change the password to mitigate security risks.

Easy Wi-Fi connection Setup:

At the back of HUAWEI WiFi AX2 are three adaptive ports that support WAN and LAN connections. This elegant solution enables users to connect their WAN and LAN cables to any of the Ethernet ports to set up their home networks. 

So hurry up and get yourselves All Geared Up with the HUAWEI AX2 Smart Router now!



[1] Stated data is the theoretical maximum speed (300 Mbps @2.4 GHz +1201 Mbps @5 GHz). Actual speeds may vary depending on usage conditions and connected devices.

[2] Data from HUAWEI lab. Actual results may vary.

[3] Data from HUAWEI lab. Actual results may vary.

[4] Data from Huawei labs.