vivo V23e becomes a Successful Smartphone with Top-Notch Front Camera Features in Pakistan: Consumer Survey

According to a vivo V23e *consumption survey, the V23e became the people’s choice smartphone quickly after its successful introduction in January 2022. Due to the smartphone’s extremely suited and modern features, vivo, a major technology brand, has seen V23e’s appeal among the young generation and professionals.

V23e has become the buzz of the town for all the right reasons, thanks to its outstanding front camera and a slew of new features. vivo added to the excitement of the new year by providing its consumers with a great handset that has raised the bar in the smartphone industry.

As per the statistic, the smartphone’s 8GB + 4GB Extended RAM feature with Extended RAM 2.0 together with 256 GB ROM was highly appreciated by most of the consumers. In terms of color, majority of the participants (71%) preferred Sunshine Coast edition which looks alluring with a silky-smooth touch and warmth as a piece of jade packed in 2.5D flat frame design.

The unique feature of V23e widely known for its 50MP AF Portrait Selfie camera and new Eye Autofocus which brings outstanding precision stands true as 16% of participants prefer to use the smartphone to capture their special moments. When it comes to the information channel, social media continues to be the most popular advertising medium, followed by YouTube for this V Series model. Because the V23e is a fashion-forward, high-performance, and camera-focused gadget at a competitive price, the majority of users are satisfied with the smartphone and are eager to suggest it to their friends.

Speaking about the consumer preference results, Zohair Chohan, Director Brand Strategy said, “We believe customer service is our top priority at all times, whether through technological advancements, stylish designs, or catering to consumer demands. We are excited to know our beloved consumers love vivo as a new-age brand resolving their pain points to offer superior mobile and camera experience. The continuous support has brought the brand closer to its customers and uphold customer trust and loyalty. Guided by the Benfen philosophy, we believe in doing the right things and thus focusing on delivering technologies that enhance consumer lives. We constantly strive to empower them with the best-in-class features that let them do more and be more! And will continue to drive consumer-centric innovation and forge a deeper connect with our local audience.”

It’s worth noting that 71% of customers used 128GB ROM and 60%-80% ROM in their prior phone and are looking forward to an update. Hence, true to say that vivo has become a popular brand amongst the youngsters across Pakistan in recent years.

Renowned as a customer-centric and a youth-oriented brand, vivo strives to empower its audience with meaningful, practical innovation across price points. With 80% of its workforce deployed in research and development, vivo conducts rigorous studies and market surveys to understand consumer behavior and trends to further deliver best-suited technologies that address the growing demands of young and diverse consumers.

Basis the survey results, V23e is a noteworthy option if you are looking for a device with an advanced camera, expandable RAM, and strong performance.