A new Eposh of Virtual Exploration, the Ultramodern XOS 10.6

With overall enhancement and optimization, INFINIX XOS has launched its latest version XOS 10.6 globally on Thursday, 28th April. A virtual press conference was held on the basis of live stream format on its every social media platforms. Users from all over the world are impressed not only by the brand new features, but also the sense of future and technology presented by the universe vision of the launch.

As a revolutionary operating system, XOS is dedicated to have intriguing improvements and provide a better user experience. With its recently launched XOS 10.6, exquisite design, user-friendly UI, comprehensive privacy and security protection and diverse entertainment are well provided. Based on Android 12, a fully redesigned and thoroughly modernized  technology inside. Users will be delighted by a bevy of high-tech updates derived directly from XOS 10.6.

Lighter, Better:

From the vibrant UI to handy features, numerous optimization have been applied on XOS 10.6 which is different from previous versions. It comes with a well-organized and clean user interface as well as natural and thrilling animations, which reflects on the icons’ look and every movement. Straightforward and smooth lines, raw and abstract graphic combinations, the strong contrasts between graphics are well presented with minimalist elegance. Meanwhile, various features focus on the optimization of device and provide better performance. Power Marathon technological paces such as Ultra Power Saving make the battery last longer every day for more delightful moments. Combining the exquisite design and all kind of optimized features, XOS 10.6 allows you to activate a smarter and better life.

Art within reach:

When it comes to themes, XOS 10.6 enables users to express personal styles by introducing a vast collection of amazing and straightforward live options.

INFINIX XOS says that the live themes will give users excellent using experience, the newly added effects and the richly customizable icons will make the device look fantastic and allow users to  appreciate the handy art. Above all, the huge varieties of themes fit XOS users’ different tastes and styles from all over the world.

Secure the Precious Life:

With a special emphasis on users’ privacy, XOS 10.6 has expanded the scope to maintain privacy over sectors. Privacy Guardian, for example, aims to safeguard user privacy by providing accurate or approximate position GPS options. Additionally, the system will delete permissions from apps that haven’t been used in a few months. Meanwhile, XOS 10.6 makes a breakthrough in message transmission, allowing users to delivering a variety of media types via data or Wi-Fi connection and smartly block spam.

Ride the Intelligent Wave:

Enjoy the wave of intelligence and let technology make life easier and more efficient. Linking INFINIX device to the laptop can be an example, which is an amazing and handy feature for users to process tasks conveniently. Smart connection in XOS 10.6 is supported by more sophisticated technology for following the user journey across devices and uniting the various touchpoints, which provides effortless Instant sync.

Not only the way we process tasks, but also the way we communicate. XOS 10.6 makes barrier-free communication possible by introducing the Master of Language, a portable multilingual translation expert on device. Meanwhile, with Lightning Multi-Window, users will be able to toggle among tasks faster than ever before. All kinds of activities such as football matches and concerts will also be easier for you to catch with the reminders of Smart Scenes, it allows users to stay connected with the important events around.

Enjoy the Sparkling Moments:

XOS 10.6 customized the gaming ecology that can automatically optimize gameplay. The redesigned XArena helps in winning battles while the latest version of darlink  give users the ultimate experience. The all-new Graphic Enhancement and 4D Vibration are elevating the playing field for gamers by leveraging the power of the visual impact and obtaining a new weapon or carrier. Moreover, Revive Countdown feature provides additional confidence while playing, the countdown will tell gamers exactly when they will respawn after death, it’s perfect for stunning playthroughs.

In order to provide a rich, dynamic, and interactive experience for the users, XOS 10.6 comes with a blend of cheerful and amusing features, such as Visha Player, allowing users to speed up video, play at the background and view it in a picture-in-picture mode. Users can expect to be more comfortable and connected than ever before with Xvocal, it helps to distort the user’s voice while chatting in the virtual world. What’s more, the deleted photos can be retrieved within up to 30 days with the latest improvement in AI Gallery, XOS 10.6 crafted all of these for a more fancy experiment for its users.

Ultimately, XOS 10.6 proves that futuristic technology can be customized smoothly. Its virtual journey to space was beyond imaginations, indicating a whole new level and approach. Let us discover the pivotal moment of XOS and accompany INFINIX on the new voyage of XOS 10.6.