Gulabo Rani - a Short Film produced and directed by Usman Mukhtar and Meiraj Haq all set to release

Gulabo Rani- a short film directed by Usman Mukhtar and produced by Meiraj Haq and Usman Mukhtar under their new production house Eastern terrestrial Studios is all set to release.

The two friends have added a new platform in the form of their production house, Et Studios that will change the future for talents and actors across the country giving them  this golden opportunity to come out and prove themselves. And the main aim of this production house is to focus on those who otherwise do not get a chance to showcase their talents elsewhere.

Usman and Meiraj both dropped the teaser poster of Gulabo Rani on their Instagram that caused great excitement and suspense amongst their friends and fans and it seems like everyone is waiting for the final drop of the short film with much anticipation and enthusiasm.

Starring Usama Javed Haider, Meiraj Haq, Danial Afzal, Omar Abdullah, Natasha Ejaz and Khushal Khan Gulabo Rani is directed by our very own ace actor turned director and producer Usman Mukhtar and produced by Meiraj Haq. And written by Ali Mudar.

A very strong team with even a stronger vision is about to give something to our viewers that has never been seen before.