Naveena Group launches 50MW Wind Energy Project

In line with its values on sustainable development, Naveena Group invested in a 50MW renewable energy project worth 65 Million dollars located at Jhimpir. Naveena Group will supply clean wind energy at 4.7 cents per unit which is the cheapest cost of renewable energy, supplied in the country. The project started its commercial operations on the 13th of April 2022.

The Group is one of the leading business conglomerates in Pakistan with incredible sales of 300 million dollars dedicated to the business of progress and sustainability. The Group now has a diversified portfolio excelling in Textile, Steel, Construction, and notably growing in Energy. The Group has been exporting its textile products to top international brands across the globe for 35 years and takes pride to have played a significant role in the economy of Pakistan by making major contributions to the foreign reserve. The Group has been making incredible business via all the industries it is associated with.

Naveena group is making incredible business in the textile and steel sector. Its subsidiary Naveena steel aims to redefine quality standards and fulfill the infrastructural requirements of the country by producing international quality steel rebars with a capacity of 300,000 TPA. Another subsidiary of Naveena Group is Naveena Developers which is all set to make its mark in the construction industry across the country.