The High Tech Cricket App company CircksLab signed an Agreement with Kuwait Cricket Association to digitalize their Cricket

CircksLab signed an agreement with Kuwait Cricket Association to Digitalize their Cricket matches. The platform will provide all the digital support such as advanced live-scoring, insight, international quality live streaming, match stats and engagement across the globe.

CricksLab is available in the shape of application on both platforms, iOS and Android system. The app has been used by Kuwait Cricket over the last six months to manage every aspect of their association while providing players with deep insights of their stats, match stats and tournaments and fans with TV quality broadcasting using the app’s live stream broadcasting tools which has led to record viewership and cricket adoption.

On the occasion Mr. Nadeem Akhtar, CEO CricksLab said, “The Kuwait Cricket Association plays a massive role in the cricket eco-system within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Our mission is to empower the Kuwait Cricket Association with technology that will help them to foster player development, recognition and increased viewership at the domestic level and makes a better cricket experience more accessible at every level of the game across Kuwait.”

Wasim Akram former Pakistan test Captain & Director CricksLab stated on the occasion, “I would like to congratulate the Kuwait Cricket Association for bringing this revolutionary technology to the cricket eco-system in Kuwait. It was the need of the hour – with this technology the Association can keep track of young and upcoming players’ performances, understand a player’s struggles and strong points and improve cricket from the ground up.”

CTO Mr. Muhammad Usman Arshaad said, “Moving forward, we are looking forward to working with Kuwait Cricket on a range of new technologies to improve player, viewer and sponsor experiences. Tools such as Video Analytics, integration with health & fitness monitoring devices for player health and stats tracking, player development tools, ball by ball video tagging to players to help talent hunters and more.”

On the occasion President of Kuwait Cricket Association, H.E. Haider Farman stated, “It is a great honor for us to join Crickslab on their journey towards cricket digitalization. Our hope is that the new platform will help increase the number of players, the number of teams and will be a showcase, especially for our government as we are a governing body – the only governing body of cricket in Kuwait.

We [Kuwait Cricket Association] have always had a vision of digitalizing cricket in order to engage our audiences,” States Director General of Kuwait Cricket Sajid Ashraf, “we found CricksLab to comply with all are digital needs. And that is where the birth of a KCC mobile application on iOS and Android came to life.

International Cricket Council Asia Development Officer Iqbal Sikander said, “After Kuwait Cricket won the award for digitalization and fan engagement by the ICC, it has grown and has gone to the next level and we are very happy to see that. With CricksLab technology we are entering a golden age of cricket and the future looks very bright for smaller or developing cricket nations like Kuwait”

Over the last six months, CricksLab has launched in 97 countries around the globe and amassed a user-base of over 200,000. The number of users is expected to top 1 million before the end of 2022. CricksLab has recently introduced an in-app broadcaster tool that empowers YouTube and social media broadcasters with professional broadcasting technology that normally requires teams of people.

CircksLab will be revealing more excited projects and collaborations soon with various cricket bodies around the globe.