AAA Associates arranged a protest against Indian BJP’s Representative blasphemous comments | InfoZonePK

AAA Associates today held a protest at Clock Tower, Phase 7, Bahria Town Rawalpindi against the Indian ruling party member’s blasphemous comments. The rally was attended by a huge number of residents, businessmen and the management of AAA Associates who held placards against the BJP’s spokespersons. They rallied demanding the Indian Government to take stern action against the perpetrators. The rally was held from 5pm to 7 pm.

International backlash is growing against India after a ruling party official made Islamophobic comments during a televised debate. The criticism from Muslim countries had been severe, indicating that insulting Prophet Muhammad is a red line. The anger has been growing since last week after the two BJP members, national spokeswoman Nupur Sharma and Delhi BJP staff Naveen Jindal, made remarks that were seen as insulting Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Modi’s party took no action against them until Sunday when a chorus of diplomatic outrage began with Qatar and Kuwait summoning their Indian ambassadors to protest. Pakistan has also recorded its protest with the Indian Embassy.

The local community of Bahria Town Rawalpindi applauded the protest lodged by AAA Associates in honour of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWW. A local resident of Bahria town while talking to the media also expressed his anger, stating, “These insulting remarks would lead to incitement of religious hatred, and offend more than two billion Muslims around the world”

Addressing the rally, AAA Associates Chairman Mr. Sheikh Fawad Bashir said, “As a proud Muslim, it is a duty to resist the uncalled for diatribe against Islam as the Muslim Ummah’s feelings were deeply hurt by the comments. The Indian ruling party members must be punished. There is also a need for Muslim leaders to unite and take Indian leadership to the task.”

AAA Associates MD Lt. Col. Shahzad Ali Kiani (r) was also presented at the protest, he said, “The Muslim Ummah has been left in shock and is heartbroken after the Indian ruling party members’ highly objectionable comments. There is a need for leaders of all Islamic countries to unite over the issue and accordingly make the Indian leadership apologize and punish its members.”