Khushhali Microfinance Bank Clients win at the 14th Annual Citi-PPAF Micro-Entrepreneurship Awards | InfoZonePK

Seven of the best-performing clients of Khushhali Microfinance Bank (KMBL) were shortlisted to win prestigious accolades at the “14th “Citi-PPAF Micro Entrepreneurship Awards – 2022”. Five of these seven shortlisted candidates, personally attended the ceremony organized by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) and Citi Foundation in Islamabad, to recognize the achievements of successful micro-entrepreneurs across Pakistan.

The Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards Programme is a resourceful initiative, to showcase Pakistan’s real success stories to a global audience, to enrich the nation’s image. These awards recognize the achievements of the most successful micro-entrepreneurs across Pakistan, who have effectively utilized Micro-Loans, to build sustainable businesses and revenue streams to elevate their quality of life. They are enabling socio-economic growth for their families, communities, and the nation, despite resource constraints and extraordinary challenges. Following are the brief profiles of the KMBL customers, shortlisted for the awards.

“Through access to finance, Khushhali Microfinance Bank has enabled its clients to escape the poverty cycle. Our clients have used loans to make their financial decisions independently to expand their trade and business,” said President KMBL, Ghalib Nishtar acknowledging the award.

“I would like to congratulate all the winners. I hope this achievement provides inspiration to other people with dreams of accomplishing their goals. KMBL is always there to support Pakistanis with a vision. I believe, people will let the possibilities inspire them more than the obstacles to discourage them”, he further added.

Naik Bano a resident of Jutial, Gilgit, was born in 1973 and is married with 3 children now. She had no funds to start her own small business. When she got a 30,000 Rupees loan from KMBL, she invested to produce Gilgit’s cultural embroidery products like bed sheets, cushions, bed sets, and hand-crafted pieces. She is now able to get medical treatment for her child (suffering from Cancer), while her other two children have also joined the school. Gaining prosperity, she has repaid her loan and is now training other women in her village too.

Rawaila Jan – a single mother living in Haripur, was granted multiple loans from KMBL to invest in her own livestock and dairy business, which grew rapidly to acquire many goats and 3 buffaloes. Good profitability has enabled her to repay her loans on time, educate her 3 daughters and build her own house too. This business is also planning to hire a few neighborhood women.

Zaib-Un-Nisa from Nomal, Gilgit, got a loan for her Agriculture, vegetables and Dry-Fruits business and was able to timely pay offer the loan. She plans to produce and sell a special bread of Gilgit – Azrukh too. Her family is now getting good nutrition, while her 5 kids are studying in English-Medium private schools. She has also inspired other women in her region to earn additional income and support their husbands.

Anwar Jan – a lady from Muzaffarabad took a loan to invest in her home-based, Milk-Selling and Grocery business which has grown very rapidly, to provide a healthy income for her family.

Ameer Mukhtar – a man living in the Nankana area, took out a loan to invest in his small Tandoor. Adding more furniture and crockery, today “Apna Ghar Restaurant & Bar-B-Q offers a vast Menu for lunch and dinner, while 5 employees have been hired to serve the customers. It has now grown to achieve monthly sales of 450,000 per month.

Abdul Ghaffar from the Vehari area took a loan for expanding his furniture-making workshop into his own furniture display store.  He is now earning much more to provide his children with a better standard of living, with good food, shelter, and education. Now he plans to transform his furniture shop into a large display center and retail system.

Ruth Binyamin – a resident of Nankana Sahib, started a business producing knitted garments and leather products like jackets and tracksuits on a small scale at home. She availed a micro loan facility to enrich her business, buy some more machinery and expand its supply chain. She has hired 6 other skilled employees. She is also planning on adding new business lines like producing seasonal daily-wear t-shirts & trousers.

Khushhali Bank is among the fastest-growing institutions in Pakistan which has been leading the Microfinance sector of the country, over the past two decades, as it is expanding financial inclusion for the micro-entrepreneurs. Its specialized Microfinance services are facilitating the masses to invest and nurture their own enterprises to elevate the quality of life for their families.