No damaged KE Pole or broken wire at unfortune Incidents in Karachi | InfoZonePK

Spokesperson, K-Electric while expressing sympathies over the unfortunate incidents across Karachi, categorically stated there was no utility infrastructure involved in these regretful accidents. KE teams immediately reached the vicinity upon receiving a complaint and secured the area as per safety protocols. No broken wires or damage to KE infrastructure was observed.

Initial investigations into an incident reported on social media about a motorcyclist in Dhoraji, confirmed by eye-witness accounts and representatives of the locality revealed that the mishap occurred due to a streetlight pole situated on a green belt. The installation, operation, repair, and maintenance of streetlight poles is outside of KE’s domain.

Similar investigation of another unfortunate incident reported in the Dawood Chali area of Landhi involving a minor girl showed that all KE infrastructure in the area was safe and compliant with standard safety protocols. In addition to complete grounding of KE’s poles, Aerial Bundled Cabling has also been installed in the area. No traces of broken wires nor current leakages were detected in KE’s poles at the site of the incident.

Usage of water motors inside homes during rains also led to at least 3 reported accidents in Korangi 100 quarters area as well as Azam Basti.

Urging caution, Spokesperson KE stated “Our heartfelt sympathies and condolences are with the affected families during this difficult time. Safety is a core priority for K-Electric and we request our valued customers to keep a safe distance from all electricity infrastructure at all times and especially during the rains. Emergency electricity complaints may be routed to our call center 118 which tackles such matters on a priority basis against a prescribed protocol. We request that citizens use this service judiciously.