Tech Pioneers back Technological Transformation in Pakistan! | InfoZonePK

Considering recent developments in technological agreements, Pakistan’s recent interest in developing its technological future is being acknowledged by countries such as China, Korea & Iran. The government’s stance towards technological agreements and exchange of knowledge has been witnessed in the last few months, with a recent Letter of Intent to create a world-class technology ecosystem between Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Area (SEDA) of China and the Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) of Pakistan.

Meanwhile President Dr Arif Alvi has also called for further enhancing the quantum of bilateral trade and investment between Pakistan and the Republic of Korea with ICT-based modern technologies as one of many sectors he had emphasized on. Furthermore, recently Pakistan Iran Joint Economic Commission (JEC) talks have been held in Pakistan and Iran has assured promotion of mutual trade between the two countries..

With technology a focus of recent news, we spoke to Sarwar Khan, CEO TPL Trakker (TPLT), a pioneer in tracking systems, GIS Implementation, and ICT Solutions in Pakistan, who stated: “Technological transformations are becoming increasingly important in Pakistan’s socioeconomic and sociotechnical development. We look forward to these innovations making a significant impact on not just our industries but also on the overall infrastructure.”

This stance supports the establishment of an internal framework in all sectors requiring digitization. In relative terms of knowledge exchange and investment opportunities the real estate sector, one of the most lucrative avenues of investment is witnessing digital growth. Our correspondent approached Jawad Nayyar, Chief Vision Officer at DAO PropTech, a platform poised to transform the real-estate ecosystem in Pakistan by strengthening the pillars of transparency, accessibility, who said: “A technology-led transformation is all but ready for takeoff in Pakistan with companies such as ours honing some of the latest technologies available in today’s world. We believe that using such technologies, the industries of Pakistan, especially the real estate industry, can become wholly socioeconomically inclusive, catering to not only the select few, but empowering the masses in general”

Industry experts are optimistic that all these trade interests and exchange of knowledge would eventually bear fruit and that TPLT was focused on adding value to develop a world-class technology ecosystem in Pakistan, creating jobs and eventually empowering our youth based on a technology-led economic transformation.