Huawei Pakistan offers Solutions for Cyber Security Threats and User Data Protection | InfoZonePK

Huawei Pakistan has joined hands with EZY Technologies and Infotech to hold the IT Day Lahore showcasing IT technology solutions jointly. Mr. Inayatullah Lak Secretary of Punjab Assembly attended this event. At the event, officials, executives and experts postulated that keeping up with IT infrastructure advancements is the only solution to address today’s ever-challenging business requirements. Ransomware has become a major Global cyber threat, proactive approach to adapting the latest technology solutions by IT service providers is the need of the hour in all public and commercial sectors.

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts or steals data and renders computers or specific files unusable or unreadable, and then demands a ransom to recover or decrypt the related components. With ransomware attacks spiking in recent years, this malware is evolving to become stealthier, faster, and more impactful, often evading common antivirus software. Such attacks are now a major cyber trend on the network threat list. Global Ransomware damages reached US$20 billion in 2021 — 57 times more than 2015.

Mr. Babar Haq, the CTO of Huawei Middle East, stated that; “Data is the new “Crude” Oil which needs to be structured to be utilized in the Real-Time and Big Data Applications”. He further emphasized the need to Build Data-Centric Secure Storage foundations for the requirements of diverse applications while keeping comprehensive protection against Ransomware Attacks.

On this occasion, Mr. Eric Zong, Director Huawei Partner Development stated, “With today’s event Huawei intends to jointly build an IT elites circle in Punjab with vitality and sustainability. I’d like to appreciate our distributors EZY Technologies for organizing today’s event and maintaining a strong regional team besides Huawei to enhance business development’.

Mr. Malik Shoaib, Director of Cloud and Storage Solutions from Huawei emphasized the need for Cyber resilience and data protection in modern times where Ransomware attacks are constantly growing he stated “Ransomware attack is the biggest cyber security concern of every organization and it has led to the financial and data loss of many companies. Huawei in partnership with Commvault presents an End to End Ransomware Protection using key solution technologies offering comprehensive protection, end to end data encryption, accurate detection and rapid recovery.”

Appreciating the ownership and the commitment of Huawei as an OEM, Mr. Ali Mehdi RSM Central Region InfoTech added, “Infotech is pleased to join Huawei in its journey to digital transformation. It is the key to Data management, security and cyber resilience solutions deployment in Pakistan. “

Underpinned by connectivity, digital skills, and digital platforms, the transformation of the digitization and enablement of information technology is gathering momentum in Pakistan. Propelled by the many facets of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pakistan’s industry is riding high tide in technology advancements. To cope up, Huawei introduced its state-of-the-art Ransomware and Cloud Solutions which may help innovative the IT services industry. It will further enable the vision of achieving multi-billion dollar IT service industry target set by Pakistan Government.