Tecno collaborates with Pro Photographer Rankin to demonstrate the Camera Prowess of the Phantom X2 | InfoZonePK

TECNO, an innovative technology brand with operations in over 70 markets globally, has just launched its new flagship– PHANTOM X2 Series at its flagship product launch event in Dubai. PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G features pioneering retractable portrait lens, a groundbreaking imaging innovation to empower users to create studio-quality portraits entirely on the device.In addition to the technology breakthrough, TECNO has announced its partnership with photographer, Rankin, who has created a series of pioneering portraits shots through the lens of PHANTOM X2 5G Pro and masterminded PHANTOM X2 Pro’s ‘Master Filters’ , unveiling the premium offerings brought by the camera lens innovation.

An iconic portrait photographer, Rankin’s rule-breaking attitude and connection with his subjects, either celebrities or “real” people, creates an outstanding sense of individuality and personality in every one of his images. Whether displayed in international exhibitions or gracing the covers of magazines, Rankin’s work is synonymous with fearless creativity and an innovative approach to image-making. His imagination and ambition resonate strongly with TECNO’s brand essence, “Stop At Nothing”, making the portrait photographer the perfect consultant for the phone.

“The tech involved with this phone is extraordinary,” said Rankin, “It’s not just about taking good images quickly anymore, it’s about creating something visually stunning that we can be really creative with. That’s the beauty of how photography is evolving, and that’s what audiences really want. The great thing about the PHANTOM X2 is that it is the ideal portable mobile tool to take beautiful portraits.”

Rankin shot a series of stunning portraits, showcasing his immense talent and the high-quality imaging capabilities of the PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G. The images, all shot with the retractable portrait lens, highlight larger-than-life feature details with a Picasso-esque style, while dramatically-lit shots showcase the phone’s Super Night mode capabilities. The shooting process was also captured in a behind the scene video, with Rankin sharing his unique using experience with the phone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7h0ODvN6yc&t=5s

As well as producing an amazing campaign creative, the portrait photographer masterminded the PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G’s “Master Filters”, a series of preset photo filters designed specifically to enhance portraits shot with the phone, allowing every user to capture breathtaking images. Of the stunning filters, Rankin provides insights and consultancy during the developments of the ‘Master Filters’, in which two filters particularly stand out to him, one inspired by the old school Hollywood glamour to give the elegant, sophisticated feel to the imagery and the other, he advises users to shoot in simplistic way. With light colored backgrounds, the object will be vividly captured.

PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G is a breakthrough in image-making that lowers the threshold for stunning photography. Inspired by classic camera design, the lens creates a pure bokeh that adds a deeper sense of storytelling to portraits. The collaboration between Rankin and PHANTOM X2 incorporates art, culture and technology to enable every user to become a master of capturing the magic moments in their lives.