DeafTawk launch in Sri Lanka | InfoZonePK

DeafTawk is a multinational start-up that provides sign language interpretation solutions to bridge the gap for the deaf community. DeadTawk announced that we are thrilled to announce that after Pakistan, Denmark, Singapore and Puerto Rico, we have recently launched our operations in Sri Lanka, and we are looking to spread the word through various media platforms.

As a leading media company, we would like to request your assistance in publishing our press release about the launch of DeafTawk in Sri Lanka. We believe that your platform will help us reach a wider audience and generate more interest in our services.

Our mission is to provide equal access to communication for the deaf community, and we believe that our services can make a significant difference in Sri Lanka. Besides being available for communication through the DeafTawk App, we offer on-demand sign language interpretation services to individuals, businesses, and organizations, enabling them to communicate more effectively with the deaf community.

We have attached our press release to this email, and we would be pleased if you could publish it on your platform. We would also be happy to provide any additional information or materials that you may need to create a compelling story about DeafTawk.