Founder 2.0, a Co-working Space Startup defaulted in Vendor’s Payment | InfoZonePK

Founder 2.0, A recently launched Co-working space for startups in Karachi, hired the services of various vendors at their launch event but refused to pay for their services after the event ended. Its management started making lame excuses at the time of payment disbursement. The organization is being founded by self-claimed Entrepreneurs who are habitual of delaying and cheating vendors by making lame excuses to stop their payments.

It is learned from their hired PR agency, Mediahype that they refused to issue the agreed payment after securing massive Digital, Print, and electronic media coverage from them. Their launched press release has been successfully placed on leading digital Platforms. Founder 2.0 launch event press releases appeared in National and regional Newspapers like The News, Business Recorder, Express Tribune, The Nation, Pakistan Observer, Daily Times, and Daily Jang respectively. They have successfully promoted impressive media coverage on their social media platforms and received audience praise.

After the Completion of services, CEO Co-Founder and also serving as General Secretary of SWEF Pakistan Ms. Shehr Bano Hussain started making excuses to delay payments that Electronic coverage is not up to their requirement acknowledging Digital and Print media coverage. Based on poor Electronic coverage, they have withheld all the payments of media agencies rather than releasing Digital and print media share of payment.  Despite many requests, they are unwilling to issue a portion of payment for delivered services and hold payment till Electronic coverage is not being provided satisfactorily.

The PR agency will reach out to the media community to pressurize Founder 2.0 CEO to issue their due payment and request its community to blacklist this vendor for future media promotion and coverage of any sort. This has become a regular habit of various Clients who withheld Media payments without any valid reasons and blackmail agencies to do more and expand the scope of work to secure extra mileage.

It is warned to existing Vendors and Clients to be cautious about working with such Fraud organizations like CO-founder as they are habitual of usurping Vendors’ lawful payments by making lame excuses and pretending to be running NGOs for the social uplift of Society.