Jazz Game Now and FreeFire award RZX x Legacy PKR 1 Million for qualifying for the FFS | InfoZonePK

Game Now, Jazz’s online eSports platform, in collaboration with FreeFire, a world-famous multiplayer battle royale mobile game by Garena, has awarded PKR 1 million to RZX x Legacy, the winning team from Pakistan to celebrate its qualification into the FreeFire SEA Invitational (FFSI) 2023.

Game Now and FreeFire have collaborated to hand out a pool prize money of PKR 1 million to RZX x Legacy, which won the month-long qualification rounds in Pakistan from among 1,152 local teams and qualified as one of the 18 teams to compete globally in the FFSI.

The upcoming tournament will be hosted from 12th May to 28th May in Thailand, and the team will leave for Thailand later this week.

Speaking at the event, Kazim Mujtaba, Chief Commercial Officer at Jazz, said, “As a digital-first company, Jazz is committed to creating and bolstering avenues of digital growth in Pakistan. For Pakistan in 2023 alone, the revenue in the online gaming market is estimated to reach over $46 million, and by 2027 this value is predicted at nearly $73 million. These numbers indicate lucrative global opportunities for our youth and a tremendous potential for economic uplift, and Jazz is determined to help materialize this through Game Now.”

Expressing similar zest, Falak Gondal, Partnerships Manager at FreeFire, said, “The global online gaming industry is expected to reach a value of over $32.5 billion by 2027. We are delighted to host this celebratory event with Jazz Game Now, to recognize the brilliant gaming talent of Pakistan and help pave the way for future gamers in the country. This partnership is our token of support for the local gaming ecosystem and is aimed at fostering a thriving gaming culture where local talent is showcased on the world stage.”

Syed Arsalan Qamar, Stream Head Gaming and eSports at Jazz, also highlighted the immense potential of this digital segment saying, “The popularity of eSports in Pakistan calls for rapid development in the sector and Jazz is excited to play a trailblazing role in unlocking this digital achievement.”

Jazz Game Now has been instrumental in supporting online gamers in Pakistan to compete globally. Through this initiative, Jazz is delivering on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.