Social Champ empowers Women in the Digital Space, Championing Gender Equality, and Inclusion | InfoZonePK

Social Champ, a trailblazing digital platform, is taking a bold stance in supporting women in the digital realm and championing gender equality. Recognizing the uphill battle faced by women in the tech industry, Social Champ is determined to create an inclusive environment where women can excel and thrive.

In an industry long dominated by male voices, women have encountered numerous obstacles on their path to success. From workplace disparities to online harassment and biased promotions, women in the digital space have been met with significant challenges. Social Champ is committed to dismantling these barriers and driving progress toward gender parity. ‘One of the major challenges I faced was harassment. For a long time, I used to say no to conversations. I could not allow myself to go and speak anywhere because I’ll be like, what if I say something which doesn’t make sense?  So I used to hide a lot, and I used to have low self-esteem to some extent.’ Janet Machuka – founder of Africa Tweet Chat.

At Social Champ, gender equality is not just a buzzword; it’s deeply ingrained in the fabric of the organization. The company upholds a steadfast commitment to providing equal salaries, appraisals, promotions, and allowances to all employees, irrespective of gender. The priority is to foster a safe and nurturing workplace that ensures the long-term professional growth and stability of female team members.

Recognizing the invaluable role of working mothers, Social Champ offers a generous three-month paid maternity leave, enabling women to balance their personal and professional commitments seamlessly. Additionally, the company has implemented a progressive maternity allowance program this year, further demonstrating its dedication to supporting and uplifting female employees.

In a bold move to empower women entrepreneurs, founders, small business owners, and social media managers, Social Champ extends a remarkable 30% discount on its services. This exclusive discount, available with the code ‘CHAMPFORWOMEN,’ is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to helping women make their mark in the tech world.

Unlike many industry players, Social Champ embraces an inclusive work environment that shatters gender biases. Women hold prominent positions across all teams, including the development department, reflecting the organization’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunities.

While strides have been made in celebrating women’s contributions in the digital space, the journey toward complete equality continues. Social Champ stands as an unwavering ally, recognizing women as equal partners in the ever-evolving global digital landscape. ‘I think the most common mistake women make is thinking that social media is “safe.” SM isn’t safe for women, day in and day out we are constantly dragged, harassed, shamed and bullied for things as little as how we look or what we wear.’ Esther Birungi – founder Birungi Charities |  a women and girl child activist.

In a statement, Social Champ expressed, “We have always fostered a culture of equality in our workplace. Women possess innate creativity, and their unwavering commitment and dedication deserve unwavering support. Women are redefining the dynamics of the digital world, and we are fully committed to empowering them and facilitating their growth in every conceivable way.”

CEO of Social Champ, Sameer Ahmed Khan, highlighted, “Women are natural nurturers, making them exceptional sustainable leaders. They nurture team growth and instill invaluable traits like empathy and compassion, which are instrumental in fostering cohesive teams. Women are achieving remarkable milestones in the tech space, and it is our duty to recognize and support them in reaching their full potential.”