CBD Punjab takes the Lead in Environmental Protection on World Environment Day | InfoZonePK

Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA), also known as Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab), proudly joins the global community to celebrate World Environment Day with great enthusiasm, aiming to raise awareness and promote positive actions for environmental protection. This year’s theme for World Environment Day is “Beat Plastic Pollution,” which highlights the urgent need to address the detrimental impact of plastic on our environment. CBD Punjab has consistently championed the cause of reducing plastic usage and promoting the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO CBD Punjab, Imran Amin, the authority remains at the forefront of various environment-friendly initiatives, further solidifying its commitment to a greener future. By embracing modern urbanization on vertical principles, CBD Punjab is actively contributing to the economic development of Punjab while prioritizing sustainability.

Speaking on this occasion, the CEO of CBD Punjab, Imran Amin expressed the authority’s unwavering dedication to environmental protection, stating, “At CBD Punjab, we firmly believe that safeguarding the environment is not merely an option but a responsibility. We have to take collective action to combat plastic pollution and protect our planet for future generations. World Environment Day serves as a reminder to all individuals to protect and preserve our planet.”

CBD Punjab takes immense pride in its ongoing efforts to enhance the green landscape of Punjab. With a strong focus on sustainable development, the authority has dedicated 40% of the land to open areas including green areas, which is more than the good standard of the city’s sustainable open areas which is 15%. Moreover, CBD Punjab has allocated a substantial amount to the relevant government authorities for the plantation of the Miyawaki forest and new green spaces within the city. As part of modern infrastructure development practices, the authority has also introduced Asia’s first Blue Road. These initiatives not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area but also contribute to cleaner air quality and a healthier ecosystem.

Promoting clean, green, and sustainable energy sources is a key aspect of CBD Punjab’s environmental commitment. The authority actively advocates for the use of renewable energy and strives to increase the green cover throughout Punjab. By encouraging the adoption of solar panels and other environmental-friendly technologies, CBD Punjab aims to reduce the carbon footprint and foster a sustainable lifestyle.

CBD Punjab extends its invitation to everyone to join hands in celebrating World Environment Day and play an active role in preserving our natural resources. By taking small yet significant steps in our daily lives, such as reducing plastic usage, conserving water, and planting trees, we can collectively make a lasting impact on our environment.