From “Trust Issues” to Global Stardom: Annural Khalid is Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador for July 2023 | InfoZonePK

From humble beginnings, Annural Khalid has risen through the ranks to become Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador for the month of July 2023 owing to her soulful compositions and heart-touching voice. As her popularity rises amongst the masses, Annural becomes the latest female musician to stand tall on a digital billboard in Times Square, NYC and her deeply personal track “Trust Issues” gets featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist on the music streaming service.

Describing herself as having “started singing around the same time I learned how to speak”, Annural made her formal debut in 2020 and has since released a number of singles while also collaborating with some of the leading names in the local music industry. While her songs aren’t attributed to a specific genre, they exude a chill pop/R&B vibe.

“I’m so stoked to be Spotify Pakistan’s EQUAL artist for July”, Annural voiced her excitement as she commented on her announcement as the Ambassador for the month. “Spotify has absolutely changed the game for musicians and Spotify EQUAL has to be the coolest initiative in my opinion. Never thought we’d one day have a platform representing solely women in music, especially in Pakistan. It really makes you hopeful while being a female musician for the future of music in this region”, she added further.

A die-heart Rihanna fan, Annural is exceptionally passionate about her music. She cherishes her first on-stage performance, remembering it as one of the most memorable experiences in her life. With an album currently in the works, Annural is invested in continuing to entertain her fans for a long time to come.

Expressing her views at the announcement, Rutaba Yaqub, Spotify Senior Editor in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh stated: “EQUAL Pakistan has dug deep and struck chords with the Pakistani music listeners in an unprecedented manner. We feel honored to announce Annural Khalid as the new face of the initiative and look forward to her swaying crowds, raising barriers, and breaking stereotypes in the industry.”

Some of Annural’s popular tracks include “Kehdena“, “Mujhe Leh Chal“, “Dil de Bol“, “Pretty Lies” and “Sohneya Ve“.