CBD Punjab embarks on Proactive Measures to Combat Smog and Air Pollution | InfoZonePK

In compliance with the directive from the Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, CEO CBD Punjab, Imran Amin, reviewed initiatives of the authority to curb smog and air pollution. Imran Amin, accompanied by a distinguished team, embarked on a thorough inspection of various sites, including CBD Punjab Quaid District, Ghora Chowk Flyover, and Walton Railway Crossing.

The collaborative effort included the esteemed presence of CBD Punjab’s Chairman of the Board, Fazeel Asif Jah, along with the Executive Director Commercial CBD Punjab, Mohammed Omer, Executive Director Technical CBD Punjab, Riaz Hussain, Director Project Management CBD Punjab, Asif Iqbal, Director Construction CBD Punjab, Asif Babar, and Director Architecture CBD Punjab, Sameer Aftab. CBD Punjab Technical Team, Nespak representatives, and the official contractor actively participated during the visit.

One of the notable measures observed during the inspection was the efficient utilization of rainwater harvested from the tank at Saint Mary Park for sprinkling water on construction sites, which is helpful in curbing dust pollution, actively participating towards controlling smog and showcasing CBD Punjab’s commitment to water conservation.

Furthermore, in a bid to enhance the region’s green cover, CBD Punjab has initiated a large-scale plantation drive, contributing to the overall environmental sustainability efforts in the area.

While expressing his views during the visit CEO CBD Punjab, Mr. Imran Amin, stated, “Our concerted efforts to tackle air pollution and promote eco-friendly practices are in line with our commitment to sustainable development and a healthier environment for all.”

CBD Punjab, being a responsible authority, is taking all necessary measures to control smog and air pollution. These precautions are a stepping stone towards a healthier and greener Punjab.