SCO and ILC join hands for Inclusive Education and Empowerment for Specially Abled Children in GB | InfoZonePK

In line with the visionary directives of the Director General, Special Communications Organization (SCO) continues to actively fulfill its social responsibilities by extending unwavering support to the remarkable specially abled children at the Independent Learning Center (ILC), established by Amjad Nadeem in Gilgit Baltistan. The initiatives undertaken by SCO underscore the organization’s steadfast pledge to create an inclusive environment that nurtures and empowers these special individuals.

In a recent ceremony honoring the achievements of specially abled children who successfully completed training courses at the ILC, Colonel Rao Muhammad Faheem Akhtar Khan, the Sector Commander of SCO, highlighted the indispensable role of special individuals within society. He reaffirmed SCO’s dedication to upholding their rights across all aspects of life, with a particular emphasis on education, promising continued collaborative efforts to ensure their holistic development.

“Special individuals form an integral and invaluable segment of our society,” expressed Colonel Rao Muhammad Faheem Akhtar Khan. “Our commitment to securing their rights and enhancing their quality of life is resolute. Even the smallest acts of attention and care can significantly ameliorate their lives, ensuring social security for all. Giving is a responsibility that unites us all.”

 SCO’s support for the specialy abled children at ILC encompasses various initiatives aimed at facilitating their learning, growth, and meaningful engagement within society. Among these efforts, SCO has provided free internet infrastructure and essential amenities to facilitate their educational pursuits. Furthermore, the organization has created opportunities for freelancing and skill development training, empowering these children for meaningful participation in various endeavors.

SCO remains steadfast in its dedication to creating an inclusive environment and ensuring that specially abled children receive the necessary support and opportunities for their holistic development.