Marking a Milestone: Two Pakistani Rhodes Scholars selected for Class of 2024 | InfoZonePK

Two exceptional students from Lahore, Asmer Safi and Iman Iftikhar, have won the prestigious Rhodes Scholarships for Pakistan this year. This year marks the Rhodes Scholarship’s 75th anniversary in Pakistan.

The Rhodes Scholarship is the world’s preeminent and oldest graduate fellowship, based at the University of Oxford since 1903. The Scholarships for Pakistan began in 1949.

The Scholars will head to Oxford University in October 2024 to join a cohort of 105 Scholars hailing from around the world to undertake fully funded post-graduate studies and become part of a strong community of people determined to make a positive difference in the world.

Students from anywhere in the world can apply for a Rhodes Scholarship and many find that taking part in our rigorous selection is a profoundly positive experience which leaves them well placed to go on to a Rhodes Scholarship or other opportunities worldwide.

The Rhodes Trust selection process aims to choose young people with proven academic excellence who also show exceptional character, leadership, the energy to use their talents to the full and a commitment to solving humanity’s challenges.

The selection process includes a rigorous review process before the finalists interview with a selection committee composed of renowned experts and leaders in diverse fields.

The 75th anniversary of Rhodes Scholarship in Pakistan marks a significant milestone for the programme and all future Pakistani candidates. It represents the Rhodes Trust’s commitment to continue nurturing talented students from Pakistan and ensuring that Pakistani is represented in the global community.

Rhodes Scholars form a lifelong community of people in many fields and careers, united by a commitment to having a positive impact on the world. Scholars from Pakistan have gone on to pursue careers ranging from entrepreneurship to politics.

This year’s winners continue the fantastic legacy of Scholarship and excellence.