100 Retaining Piles completed for Walton Road Flyover, signifying Punjab’s Infrastructure Progress | InfoZonePK

Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA), also known as the Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab), celebrates pivotal achievements in the CBD Punjab Boulevard and Walton Road Upgradation projects. With the completion of 100 out of 148 retaining piles for the CBD Punjab Boulevard, Walton Road Railway Crossing Flyover. CBD Punjab showcases remarkable progress in enhancing Punjab’s infrastructure.

CEO CBD Punjab Imran Amin’s site visit underscored CBD Punjab’s hands-on approach in overseeing these monumental projects. Executive Director Technical, Riaz Hussain, provided a comprehensive update on the CBD Punjab Boulevard and Walton Road Railway Crossing Flyover developments, highlighting meticulous planning and execution.

The presence of distinguished officials, including Chairman CBD Punjab, Fazeel Asif Jah, Executive Director Commercial CBD Punjab, Mohammed Omer, Director Project Management CBD Punjab, Asif Iqbal, Director Construction CBD Punjab, Asif Babar, Director Architecture CBD Punjab, Sameer Aftab, and senior representatives from Nespak and NLC, reflects collaborative support for these ventures.

With an allocated budget of approximately 9.1 billion PKR, CBD Punjab reaffirms its commitment to creating a modern, interconnected business district. Spanning 4.2 KM, the CBD Punjab Boulevard along with a three lane two-way flyover, will seamlessly connect Kalma Chowk to Walton Road, linking the CBD Punjab Quaid District to the CBD Punjab Bab District.

During the visit CEO CBD Punjab Imran Amin expressed satisfaction on the development pace he said, “CBD Punjab remains steadfast in our commitment to transforming Punjab’s infrastructure. The progress achieved in the CBD Punjab Boulevard and Walton Road Upgradation projects exemplifies our dedication to creating a dynamic, modern business hub. We are resolute in meeting Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi’s directives”.

These accomplishments signify PCBDDA’s dedication to quality and progress, promising a transformative impact on Punjab’s landscape.