Intikhabi Mela: Bridging Art, Technology and Democracy for Civic Engagement | InfoZonePK

The ‘Intikhabi Mela,’ an event dedicated to exploring the intersections of art, technology, and civic participation in line with the upcoming general elections, took place on January 6-7, 2024. The two-day affair was organized by Code for Pakistan, highlighting the importance of informed voting and civic engagement.

The event brought together artists, engineers, and citizens to discuss and create content around themes related to democracy and voting. Participants collaborated with local artists to produce artwork and posters around elections and democracy. The community co-created a canvas to express their views on democracy and the elections. Technologists focused on innovative solutions for election education and access to data on electoral candidates and their past performances.

The mela remained opened for the public for two days during which notable guests dropped by including Sarwar Bari who is the National Coordinator at Pattan Development Organization, and Dr. Taha Ali, Associate Professor at NUST SEECS who has previously worked with the Election Commission of Pakistan as a technology consultant.

“Art and technology can be powerful tools for shaping a more informed and engaged citizenry. The Intikhabi Mela spoke of the incredible potential that lies at the intersection of creativity and innovation to strengthen our democracy,” Shaji Ahmed, CEO, Code for Pakistan.

The ‘Intikhabi Mela’ provided a platform for discussing how art and technology can be leveraged to enhance democratic processes. Code for Pakistan acknowledges and thanks all participants for their contributions. The technology solutions and artworked developed during the mela will be made available on a website dedicated to the event.