Zong 4G empowers Users with All-New Notify-Me Service: Never Miss a Connection Again! | InfoZonePK

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading mobile network operator, is revolutionizing communication with the launch of its innovative Notify-Me service. This user-friendly service eliminates the frustration of unanswered calls due to an unavailable recipient.

With the Notify-Me service, Zong 4G subscribers (callers) can finally know when the person they’re trying to reach (callee) is back on the network. Whether the callee was Struggling with a weak signal or roaming outside Zong 4G’s coverage area. Notify-Me Service will alert the caller when the callee returns to an active network zone.

With your unanswered calls because the callee’s phone was powered off, Notify-Me Service will send a notification to the caller as soon as the callee’s phone is powered on, ensuring you can reconnect seamlessly.

Activating this service is simple and convenient. Send a text message “Sub” to 6125 or dial USSD code *6125# through your phone. My Zong App also offers the service, users can activate the service in any way they find feasible. The subscription fee for Notify-Me is affordable priced at Rs. 1.50 + tax per day, ensuring you stay connected and informed without breaking the bank.

ZONG Notify-Me Service

Subscription Code

Service Name

Service Offer

Subscription Charges

Send “Sub” to 6125


Dial USSD *6125#


Activate through MZA


Sends a notification to the caller, when out-of-network callee becomes available

Rs. 1.50 + Tax / Daily

“Zong 4G is committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance the communication experience for our valued customers,” said a Zong 4G Representative. “Notify-Me empowers users to stay connected and eliminates the worries of unanswered calls due to an unavailable recipient.”