vivo reveals Durefishan Saleem as Brand Ambassador for its Upcoming Y100 Smartphone | InfoZonePK

Leading the charge in innovation and style, vivo, a global smartphone brand, announces its partnership with the incredibly talented Durefishan Saleem as the brand ambassador for its upcoming Y100 smartphone.

Renowned for her stellar performances and magnetic charm, Durefishan Saleem embodies the spirit of modern Pakistani youth. Her partnership with vivo for the Y100 launch promises an electrifying fusion of style and innovation. This collaboration is poised to capture the hearts of consumers across the nation.

On this occasion, Zohair Chohan, Director Brand Strategy at vivo Pakistan said, “We are thrilled to welcome Durefishan Saleem as vivo’s brand ambassador for the Y100 smartphone. vivo’s Y series has been meticulously crafted to meet the dynamic needs of Pakistani youth; and Durefishan, celebrated for her exceptional acting skills and captivating style, embodies the essence of our upcoming Y100 smartphone perfectly. With elegant design and features like 80W FlashCharge and a stunning 120 Hz AMOLED Display, the Y100 reflects vivo’s commitment to exceeding user expectations. We are confident that our consumers will adore the Y100 smartphone and value our partnership with their favorite actress.”

Designed to impress even the most discerning tech enthusiasts, the vivo Y100 will come with an attractive design, user-friendly features, and efficient performance. This new entrant will be available in two striking color variants — the Breeze Green and Crystal Black editions.

Those familiar with vivo’s unique aesthetic will undoubtedly be drawn to the Breeze Green edition which will showcase vivo’s signature Color Changing Design. Under UV light, the back of the phone will present a fascinating transformation from light to deep green. Adding to its allure, the Breeze Green edition will feature a Breeze Texture, painting a vivid picture of a gentle breeze rustling through grass. This serene and soothing imagery will bring a calming element to the device, setting it apart from the crowd.

Moreover, vivo Y100 will incorporate a Metallic High-Gloss Frame, lending the device a high-end style, which will not only enhance the phone’s overall appeal but will also give it a sleek appearance.

vivo Y100 will be capable of catering to the daily needs of its users. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, rapid smartphone charging is indispensable. vivo Y100 will come with an 80W FlashCharge — offering an unparalleled charging experience, ensuring quick power recovery and eliminating worries about battery life.

Furthermore, vivo Y100 will be an ideal choice for those who frequently consume video content on their smartphones. This device will boast a superior 120 Hz AMOLED Display, which will not only be vibrant and detailed in picture quality but will also possess a high refresh rate of 120 Hz. Be it scrolling through content or watching videos, this screen will ensure a smooth and engaging visual experience. In addition to the impressive display, vivo Y100 will also feature Dual Stereo Speakers, allowing this phone to offer an all-round multimedia experience like no other.

Users will also be amazed by the advanced portrait capabilities of vivo Y100. The device will offer various bokeh flare choices, unique portrait lighting effects, and a variety of portrait-style templates, enabling users to capture clear and dynamic portraits with ease. The Photo Borders feature in Y100 will add an artistic touch to images — giving each photo a masterful finish. Whether for personal keepsakes or social media sharing, this feature is poised to showcase the user’s taste and creativity in every shot.

The countdown to the highly anticipated launch of the vivo Y100 has begun. This state-of-the-art device, blending aesthetically pleasing design with user-friendly features, is all set to launch on May 2, 2024 in Pakistan.

For more details, stay tuned for the official unveiling of vivo Y100 on vivo’s official social media handles.