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Karachi’s tech minds converged this weekend at Build With AI Karachi 2024, a dynamic two-day hackathon hosted by GDG Kolachi (Google Developer Groups Karachi) in partnership with Huzaifa Habib, Google’s Community Manager. Held at Geeks of Kolachi, with community partners Code for Pakistan and Karachi AI – PWiC, the event concluded Sunday evening with a showcase of innovative and sustainable solutions crafted using Google’s latest AI advancements.

The hackathon brought together developers and industry experts to tackle real-world challenges using the power of AI. Participants, mentored by experts, explored tools like Gemini and Vertex AI to create solutions across diverse areas, from environmental monitoring to healthcare optimization. One team, for instance, impressed with their project using AI to analyze traffic patterns and suggest congestion-easing measures.

The success of Build With AI Karachi 2024 highlights the collaborative spirit of Karachi’s tech community. The dedicated efforts of the organizing team, including Umar Ahmed, Hassam Jawed, and others, along with community partners Code for Pakistan and Karachi AI – PWiC, fostered an environment of learning and innovation for positive social impact.

The winning teams emerged from a pool of bright ideas. Team Data Sherlocks (from Daraz)—Muhammad Daniyal, Huzaifa Mirza, and Musa Bashir—took first place. Second runner-up was Team InnovateHER (from PwIC)—Hina Khadim, Amna Munawar, Syeda Umme Kulsoom, and Bushra Batool. Finally, Team Karachi AI—Fatima Mansoor, Kazim Raza, and Tehreem Feroz—claimed the title for the most impactful project. All teams impressed with their ingenuity and the potential of their projects to create a better future.

“What we witnessed this weekend was pure magic: people coming together to find solutions to Karachi’s pressing issues, the nation’s pressing issues. Together, we worked on some wonderful ideas, from Pakistan’s legal laws to AI-powered travel city guides.”—Ali Raza, Director of Technology, Code for Pakistan.

Build With AI Karachi 2024 has left a lasting mark on the city’s tech landscape. By focusing on GenAI and sustainable solutions, the event has paved the way for a future driven by cutting-edge technology and positive change.