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Turk Kapi Educational Consultant is excited to announce the “Study in Turkey Education Expo 2024,” an event aimed at providing Pakistani students and their families with detailed insights into the educational opportunities available in Turkey. This comprehensive expo will be held across three major cities: Lahore, Faisalabad, and Islamabad, ensuring wide accessibility and convenience for attendees.

Event Details and Schedule:

  1. Lahore: The expo will kick off in Lahore at the prestigious PC Hotel ON May 26, 2024. This event will run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, featuring interactive sessions, meet university representatives, and personalized consultations.
  2. Faisalabad: Following Lahore, the expo will move to Faisalabad on May 27, 2024 At Royalton Hotel, providing another opportunity for students in this region to engage with representatives from Turkish universities.
  3. Islamabad: The final leg of the expo will take place in Islamabad from May 28 May at Ramada Hotel, 2024, ensuring that students in the capital city can also benefit from this informative event.

Why Attend the Study in Turkey Education Expo 2024?

  1. Education Turkey: The expo is designed to showcase the robust educational landscape of Turkey, a country renowned for its blend of modern and traditional education systems. Attendees will receive comprehensive information about various programs, institutions, and the cultural experiences that make Turkey an appealing destination for higher education.
  2. International Education Fairs Turkey: This event is part of a series of international education fairs aimed at promoting Turkish universities on a global scale. It offers an excellent platform for students to meet representatives from leading Turkish institutions, ask questions, and gather detailed information about their academic offerings.
  3. Study in Top-Notch Turkish Universities at an Affordable Cost: One of the main attractions of the expo is the opportunity to explore education in top Turkish universities known for their affordable tuition fees without compromising on quality. Attendees will learn about scholarship opportunities that further ease the financial burden.

Key Highlights:

Turkish Universities Fair 2024 Venue:

  • Lahore: PC Hotel
  • Faisalabad: Royalton Hotel
  • Islamabad: Ramada Hotel

Turkish Universities Fair 2024 Dates and Schedule:

  • Lahore: Saturday 25th May, 2024
  • Faisalabad: Tuesday 28th May, 2024
  • Islamabad: Friday 31st May, 2024
  • Each city event runs from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Educational Fair with Turkish University: Direct interaction with representatives from Turkish universities, offering insights into various undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs.

Scholarship Information: Detailed sessions on various scholarships that make studying in Turkey even more accessible, reducing the financial burden on students.

Comprehensive Guidance: Personalized advice and guidance on the admission process, course selection, and living in Turkey.

Upcoming Education Expos:

This series of education expos is part of a larger initiative by Turk Kapi Educational Consultant to make global education more accessible to Pakistani students. By attending these expos, students and their families can make informed decisions about their educational futures.

About Turk Kapi Educational Consultant:

Turk-Kapi is an emerging educational consultancy firm which provides services for students to study in Turkey. Turk Kapi is dedicated to bridging the gap between Pakistani students and top-tier Turkish universities and assist you to find the finest educational opportunity which leads your career to the success. Turk Kapi aims to facilitate students with high-quality, affordable education in Turkey.

Why Turk Kapi:

Choose Turk Kapi as your educational consultant because it offers:

  • Free counseling
  • Diverse range of courses
  • Helps in choosing course
  • Free submission of Application
  • Detailed Visa guidance

Post Arrival Services:

  • Airport Receiving
  • University Registration guidance
  • Documentation for Residency Card
  • Assistance in Bank account opening
  • Assistance in Traveling Card

Contact Information:

For more information about the Study in Turkey Education Expo 2024, please contact:

  • Email: info@turkkapieducation.com
  • Phone: +92-333-1187662
  • Website: www.turkkapieducation.com

Join us at the Study in Turkey Education Expo 2024 and take the first step towards a brighter educational future in Turkey.

This press release effectively informs the public about the upcoming education expo, providing detailed information about the event, its significance, and logistical details, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for potential attendees.