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vivo’s latest V30e 5G smartphone is now officially available in Pakistan at the price of PKR 89,999. With its sleek and elegant design, exceptional image quality, and smooth user experience, V30e 5G promises users an unmatched mobile experience.

As the latest addition to vivo’s V series, V30e 5G carries forward its iconic features while offering something new. At first glance, its 3D Curved Screen gives it an elegant and premium look. This curved screen is popular for its unique visual appeal and immersive experience, providing a wider view and comfortable grip. V30e 5G also boasts a high-quality viewing experience with a 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth, lag-free visuals whether you are browsing or watching videos.

V30e 5G comes in two gorgeous color variants: Classy Brown and Sunny Green where each color is thoughtfully chosen to reflect vivo’s understanding of color aesthetics. The “Time Messenger” camera module on the back is a design highlight, with its sunburst-inspired outer ring reminiscent of luxury watches. This detail adds a touch of elegance and makes the phone stand out.

For smartphone users in Pakistan, portrait photography is more than just an art form; it’s a way to capture important and cherished life memories. However, these scenarios often come with challenging lighting conditions, making it difficult to capture high-quality portraits. vivo V30e 5G is designed to address this issue. It features Aura Light, which provides soft yet bright fill light in low-light conditions, illuminating the face of the main subject while avoiding harsh shadows. The Aura Light Portrait can adjust the color temperature to ensure realistic and harmonious colors between the main subject and the environment.

For enthusiasts seeking professional-grade portraits, V30e 5G’s Sony IMX882 main camera is a standout feature. This light-sensitive lens, combined with the 2x Professional Portrait Mode, captures brighter and clearer night portraits, maximizing the lens’ potential to deliver professional-level results with every shot.

vivo V30e 5G is equipped with a high-capacity 5500 mAh battery, providing users with longer battery life and less frequent charging. vivo has prioritized V30e 5G’s durability, with a specially designed battery that remains healthy at over 80% capacity even after 1600 charging cycles. This durable design ensures up to four years of stable usage[1]. V30e 5G features 8GB + 8GB Extended RAM technology[2] and Qualcomm Snapdragon® 4nm processor, enabling smooth operation and outstanding performance when handling demanding tasks.

Price & Availability:

It’s time for you to light it up, the vivo V30e 5G is now available across Pakistan for Rs. 89,999 only. vivo offers a one-year warranty for V30e 5G along with 15 days of free replacement and 6 months warranty for accessories. vivo V30e 5G is duly approved by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and supports all mobile networks in Pakistan. Zong customers can also get 12GB Free Mobile Internet by using their 4G SIM card in Slot 1 (2GB Internet / month for 6 months).

[1] According to tests by vivo laboratories, the battery retains at least 80% of its capacity after 1600 complete charge cycles. These tests simulate daily user habits (charging and discharging once a day) and indicate that 1600 cycles equal approximately 4 years of usage. The above data was provided by vivo’s lab according to tests conducted in a simulated environment, with ambient and battery temperatures of 23°C±2°C for a full charge and discharge. Actual results may vary due to differences in test equipment, the test environment, as well as personal usage patterns and habits.

[2] 8/12 GB Extended RAM is realized through software.