Facebook Getting Place of Text Messages | InfoZonePK

Facebook has placed itself as bread & butter to attract the current generation as preferred communication medium and genuine cash cow for mobile operators and in future it seems to be a serious isue. Fae of everywhere text messages may actually be on decline.

In Pakistan every next person is user of Facebook, we can say around 6 million in numbers and means to have paradigm shift from text messages to Facebook usage.

Coming into the point, while many see tech giants like Apple and Google presenting the greatest respective threats to the current revenues stream for mobile operators.

Operators are gradually turning to lose the market share of SMS because of phenomenal use of social media especially Facebook. It has noticed that 60 percent of youth is spending theore more tme on digital media like they are keenly using social media as source of communication.

As general trend outlines the toxic effect Facebook is having on SMS traffic is as simple and straightforward as it gets, the more time smartphones, personal computers adn laptops users are accessing Facebook, the less time they have to fire off inane texts to one another.

Even it has been practiced that initially any friend and family members is not online then initially text him/her to inform and rest to communication is done on Facebook.