Ufone Joins Hands with Plan International for Early Flood Warning Drive | InfoZonePK

Cellular companies in Pakistan have always come forward to support and help the public whenever any natural calamity has hit this part of the earth. Back in 2010 and 2011, these celcos not only donated a huge sum of money for the victims but also arranged emergency networks to re-establish the devastated communication system.

Now Ufone becomes the first cellular operator to support an early flood warning service in Pakistan. This service is basically a flood awareness campaign for which Ufone has joined hands with Plan International Pakistan.

Plan International is working on early warning system with reference to possible floods in Pakistan especially in the most risky areas of South Punjab and Northern & Southern Sindh. Ufone will spread this information to the communities at risk and organizations that are involved in this process.

The drive will disseminate useful information about health and hyginee, child protection, evacuations to safe places and linkage with key stakeholders like district government functionaries, humanitarian organizations, local philanthropists’ etc.

 It is being expected that the drive will play a vital role in the preparedness of community in case of floods in 2012.