Telenor Issues Customer Guidelines against Mobile Phone Scams | InfoZonePK

Telenor has issued guidelines for customer’s protection against mobile phone scams. As you know mobile phone communication is very useful but there are some groups who use this service for their own purposes to trap the customers who have limited knowledge about mobile phone usage.

Some guidelines are issued by Telenor to its customers to take care about such scams which may be in result of a heavy loss of the customer.

According to notification guidelines:

  • If you receive a call or an SMS which claims that your are winner of a great lucky prize and in order to get the prize you need to send numbers of scratch cards or send Easy load or transfer money through Easy paisa then do not believe of such message or call and immediately delete the message and ignore the call. This scam is running from many years and many people who have limited knowledge about such scams have faced a huge loss of money.
  • Some times  scammers are asked to transfer the money via bank transfer and  as they have won the prize and to get this prize you have to transfer the money via bank. They can aske your CNIC number and other personal information so do not give your such personal information to anyone who is asking in such way.

Telenor says in case you are contacted by such scammers, please contact us at any Telenor touch point and register a complain along with complete evidence.

You can call to Telenor helpline 345 or 111 345 100 for further information.