Tweet for a Cause with Telenor Pakistan's #TweetAMeal Campaign | InfoZonePK


Telenor Pakistan firmly believes in the necessity of sharing and spreading happiness amongst the under-privileged. Hence, this Ramadan has seen the advent of yet another exciting initiative put forth by Telenor Pakistan with the intention of spreading the joy. Telenor Pakistan has collaborated with READ Foundation with the aim to feed poor families deprived of the basic necessity of food.

Telenor Pakistan has started an online crusade on twitterwhere they have asked users to share pictures of their meals with hashtag#TweetAMeal. For each entry received, Telenor Pakistan will donate food to the READ Foundation. 

According to statistics; the world’s financial experts have placed Pakistan on the list of 36 countries that face a serious food crisis. A recent analysis of the causes and consequences of Pakistan’s food insecurity points out that food security has been under constant threat since 2008, when world food prices reached their highest levels and Pakistan’s food inflation registered as high as 34%. World Food  Programme  (WFP)  data  from  2008 concluded  that  77  million  Pakistanis, nearly  half  the  country’s population were undernourished. Keeping this in mind, Telenor Pakistan considers it their responsibility to reach out to individuals and provide them with the basic necessity of food.  

Telenor Pakistan believes that digital media can connect the dots in our food system and millions of people can be reached online through the #TweetAMeal campaign to be a part of this noble cause. Together through this campaign, Telenor Pakistan and READ foundation aims to provide free meals to as many poor families as possible.