Having trouble earning that Chicken Dinner? Upgrade your Home Wi-Fi with Huawei WiFi AX2


Long day at work. You go home and find it’s not yet time for dinner. What better way is there to spend that idle time than firing up a game to unwind? After getting comfy on your couch, it’s go time. You hop on your favourite battle royale shooter and go to town.

Fragging comes natural to you, and you wipe 10 players off the map in just the first two circles. As the round goes on, your opponent count dwindles and finding your next target gets more difficult, but with fortune, you happen to come across a duo with their backs against you. Easy prey, so you think. You knock one down with finesse, but before you can clean that up, the game freezes, throwing off your aim. It’s a lag spike. The game quickly resumes, but you’re already a goner.

Instead of fuming over your ‘bad luck,’ maybe it’s time you take a good look at your home Internet setup. The typical consumer doesn’t usually pay attention to which router they use at home until one day the Wi-Fi just dies – and routers tend to last for a good while. That has led to many consumers using routers that only support old Wi-Fi protocols, which are not capable of delivering the level of service that today’s consumers demand.

Do you have a dusty old router sitting in your living room? Now’s the time for an upgrade. Get the most of your high-speed Internet subscription with the powerful HUAWEI WiFi AX2, a powerful Wi-Fi 6 home router supporting a theoretical dual-band data transmission rate of 1500Mbps (1201 Mbps@5 GHz+300 Mbps@2.4 GHz). With this new router in place, not only will you eliminate the nasty lag spikes that cost your victories, but also ensure that you will always be the first to shoot.

The HUAWEI WiFi AX2 also affords you to roam about in your apartment while you game, without signal drops potentially affecting your gaming experience. Supporting the same True Dual-band Technology as seen on other Huawei router products, HUAWEI WiFi AX2 supports switchover between 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands according to intelligent algorithms. When you’re closer to the router, you will automatically connect to the 5GHz connection for faster speeds. Similarly, when you move out of the room where the router is located, your device will be put on the 2.4GHz connection for a more stable connection. The beauty of this is that the switchover occurs seamlessly in the background, with no interruption to your gameplay.

Besides True Dual-band Technology, the HUAWEI WiFi AX2 also supports HUAWEI Mesh+ for those that live in larger apartments or multi-storey houses. HUAWEI Mesh+ is essentially a blanket term Huawei uses to refer to its suite of routing networking features. This technology enables users to create a mesh network where connections between routers and between a router and other connected devices are optimised for the best user experience.

How does this relate to gamers? What this essentially does is it gives you even more freedom than just True Dual-band Technology to move around the house as you keep fragging on your favourite mobile game. As long as your home has enough units of HUAWEI WiFi AX2 to cover the entire space, you can enjoy a high-speed, low-latency gaming experience no matter at which corner of the house you are, or even when you’re moving from one end to the other.

You might be asking – other mesh routers already do that, so what’s so different about HUAWEI Mesh? Included in the HUAWEI Mesh+ Suite is the Super Seamless Roaming feature. Unlike other traditional mesh solutions, it takes the user experience into account – not just the signal strength – when deciding when a router hands over the connection to another. It is also backed by seven roaming algorithms, including 802.11k and 802.11v, to give you the most seamless experience as you switch between different hotspots in the house. According to tests conducted at Huawei labs, a Huawei smartphone connected to HUAWEI WiFi AX2 gets a roaming latency as low as 50ms, which is super impressive and just goes to show the efficacy of the solution. In one session of PUBG Mobile, you can game on your porch, your room, or even go to the bathroom midway with no issue.

Managing the HUAWEI WiFi AX2 is a breeze. The HUAWEI AI Life app visualises your network and shows all the connected routers and devices for easy management[1]. Smart features in the app lets you perform Check-up and Smart Diagnosis, and manage your Parental Control and Firewall settings on a smart and intuitive UI. With these intuitive features, in the off chance that there’s an issue with your Wi-Fi, you will be able to fix it yourself and resume gaming in a jiffy.

The HUAWEI WiFi AX2 also protects your privacy and security with HUAWEI HomeSec™. Prevent your neighbours from getting a free-ride enjoying your great Wi-Fi and jeopardise your gaming experience. Brute Force Attack Prevention intelligently distinguishes malicious actors that attempt to guess your Wi-Fi password, and imposes a temporary ban on these attackers to stave them off. The router also supports the latest Wireless Protected Access III (WPA3) authentication and encryption standard, which uses a 192-bit security suite for superb security. Having friends over to game with you? You can share a separate guest password to your Wi-Fi, which grants them access to Internet but not your home LAN, so even if their devices are compromised, you will stay protected and unaffected. And if you find a suspicious device on your network, you can easily kick them off using the HUAWEI AI Life app. Just make sure you change your Wi-Fi password to a secure one afterwards to keep yourself safe.

Alongside the wide range of Wi-Fi features, the HUAWEI WiFi AX2 comes with three ports at the back. To make setup as effortless as possible, the ports are self-adaptive, meaning you can plug your WAN cable to any of the ports and still get connectivity. Setting up a router has never been as easy.

If you call yourself a gamer, don’t settle for bad Internet. Perform at your best in your favourite online games with HUAWEI WiFi AX2. For more information, please visit the official Huawei website.

So hurry up & buy the new HUAWEI WiFi AX2 today!

Daraz: https://bit.ly/3JAFf9j

Cube: https://bit.ly/3HxfuF0

[1] Requires an OTA update.