Descon aims for Greener Pastures with the launch of its Agricultural Division | InfoZonePK

Descon, one of Pakistan’s leading conglomerates, has officially announced its intentions to diversify in to agriculture by setting up a division called Descon Agri Businesses (DAB). This new venture seeks to innovate and improve upon the existing farm productivity and agriculture value-chain, helping provide the nation with nutritious produces and sustained economic growth.

Over the decades, Descon has led numerous large-scale projects in Construction, Power-generation, Oil-Refining, Chemicals and other diverse economic-sectors, in Pakistan and abroad. Its entry in to the agriculture sector is not entirely without expertise, as the company acquired shareholding in two innovative agriculture-based enterprises – ‘Vital Agri Nutrient’ (VAN) and ‘Vital Green’ (VG) at the start of this year.

VAN is a manufacturer of specialty fertilizers, soil amendments and bio-fertilizers working with farmers and corporate customers to deliver value-added farming solutions. VG provides access to credit, quality-inputs, actionable knowledge, digital tools and market outreach for farmers.

Other initiatives by Descon in this sector include the construction of a state-of-the-art fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs dehydration facility to provide high quality dried products for local and export markets, and a Himalayan Wellness Company, operational since 2019, exporting Himalayan pink salt and high-quality raw honey to the far east and other markets.

“Our entry into this sector seeks to disrupt agriculture value chains through innovative farming techniques, high-quality produce and greater support to the local farmer community.  Our long-term goal is to deliver a sustainable agriculture business, unlocking economic opportunities for the local communities and our partners along the way,” said Descon Vice-Chairman, Faisal Dawood.

Utilizing its expertise in technology and by building potential synergies with agritech companies, Descon seeks to enable a sustainable future in farming leading to an increase in food-security, healthy-living and enrichment of local communities.