PCBDDA and FIEDMC discuss new bilateral Business Ties for Economic Boost of Punjab | InfoZonePK

Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA), also known as Central Business District (CBD Punjab) and Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development & Management Company (FIEDMC) discussed establishing new bilateral business ties and exploring the spirit of opportunities in terms of domestic and foreign investments in Faisalabad in a formal meeting, held at CBD Punjab House.

The meeting was attended by the CEO, of PCBDDA, Mr. Imran Amin. Chairman FIEDMC, Mr. Waseem Afzal, General Manager FIEDMC, Mr. Rana Muhammad Yousaf, COO PCBDDA, Brigadier (R) Mansoor Janjua, Executive Director Commercial PCBDDA, Mr. Mohammed Omer, Executive Director Technical PCBDDA, Mr. Riaz Hussain, Executive Director Legal PCBDDA, Mr. Bilal Khokhar, other directorate heads and senior officials of PCBDDA and FIEDMC.

During the meeting, the massive investment potential in Faisalabad was highlighted. Chairman FIEDMC, praised the development initiatives convened by CBD Punjab, which have completely changed the development landscape of the province. During the meeting investment potential and new avenues in textile, industries, aviation, auto parts, sports, modern urbanization and other development avenues were brought to light.

While expressing his views Mr. Imran Amin, CEO of PCBDDA, said that “CBD Punjab is committed for playing a vital role in increasing the economic growth of Pakistan by aligning new business avenues for people across the Punjab district. With FIEDMC, we examined ideas based on various business modules. I would want to welcome other authorities to come out with business ideas that can play a crucial part in improving the development and economic viewpoint of the province of Punjab”.

Chairman FIEDMC, Mr. Waseem Afzal said that “CBD Punjab, has all the capabilities to become an economic engine of the province. I foresee our mutual projects as a multi-billion-dollar projects, business avenues presented by the authority have great potential to attract lucrative investment for the development of Punjab. To utilize the maximum potential of other economic zones in Punjab, we have to establish the concept of CBDs across the province. We will fine-tune the business modules discussed to give a new direction to the economic development of the province.

The meeting was concluded with a note that all the possible potential investment opportunities should be utilized to the maximum for the economic development of Punjab and all the concerned departments and authorities should dynamically take part in exploring new business avenues to accelerate the economic pace of the province.