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Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication provider, offers exclusive International Roaming bundles for your next trip abroad so that you can enjoy hassle-free and uninterrupted connectivity at affordable rates.

Zong 4G is working endlessly to make International roaming more seamless, accessible, and affordable for international travelers. The constant struggle of switching networks for international trips is a struggle. Keeping this in mind, Zong 4G deemed it necessary to offer International Roaming services to make your traveling experience more enjoyable.

Zong 4G is the only telecom operator in Pakistan that offers IR services in more than 150 countries and has specially-tailored IR bundles for multiple locations such as UAE, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Azerbaijan, etc.


Bundle Name





China Prepaid Voice and Data Roaming Offer

30 Mins, 30 SMS and 1GB

15 Days

Rs. 1,600.00+Tax


UAE Prepaid IR bundle

120 Mins,120 SMS and 2GB

7 Days

Rs. 1,999+Tax

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia prepaid Voice + Data IR offer

30 Min, 30 SMS, 1GB

15 Days

Rs. 1,700+Tax


Turkey Prepaid Voice and Data Roaming Offer

30 Mins, 30 SMS and 1GB

15 Days

Rs. 2,232+Tax


Azerbaijan Prepaid Voice + Data Roaming Offer

30 IR Minutes,30 SMS and 1 GB

15 Days

Rs. 1,000+Tax


Iran Ziyarat Package

60 minutes of talk time

30 Days

Rs. 1,000+ Tax

According to the official Spokesperson for Zong 4G, ‘International Roaming in Pakistan is a service that is still undergoing a lot of changes, due to which most people do not consider roaming to be reliable. However, Zong is committed to transforming this perception. We firmly believe that International Roaming is an integral service that should be both affordable and reliable for all users. This is why we are pleased to introduce specially-designed IR bundles to ensure that our customers experience premium services at cost-effective rates, especially during this holiday season.’