Zong 4G offers affordable IR Bundles to ensure Seamless Connectivity in Saudi Arabia this Ramadan | InfoZonePK

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s largest telecom operator offers affordable International Roaming Bundles for your next trip to Saudi Arabia this Ramadan to ensure you stay connected to your loved ones while performing Umrah!

Zong 4G stands as Pakistan’s only telecommunications provider, offering thoughtfully designed international roaming packages. In response to the contemporary connectivity issued faced by travelers, Zong has introduced specialized roaming bundles aimed at offering both cost-effectiveness and accessibility for users travelling abroad.

The Saudi Arabia International roaming bundles have ample and generous resources to last all through your trip ensuring that you stay seamlessly connected to your loved ones this Ramadan. Customers can activate the roaming bundles for Saudi Arabia through MY ZONG APP or dial *4255# for subscription.





Saudi Arabia prepaid Voice + Data IR offer (30 Min, 30 SMS, 1GB)

Rs. 1,700.00


30 minutes and 1GB data for 15 days

MY ZONG APP or dial *4255#

Saudi Arabia prepaid Voice + Data IR offer (60 Min, 60 SMS, 3GB)

Rs. 4,200.00


60 minutes, 60 SMS and 3GB data for 30 days

MY ZONG APP or dial *4255#

Saudi Arabia prepaid Voice + Data IR offer (90 Min, 90 SMS, 5GB)

Rs. 6,600.00


90 minutes, 90 SMS and 5GB data for 45 days

MY ZONG APP or dial *4255#

While highlighting the importance of cost-effective international roaming (IR) packages, the official spokesperson for Zong 4G expressed, “The challenges associated with switching networks for periodic international travel can be both physically and financially taxing. Zong 4G recognized this problem and took proactive measures to alleviate this burden so that you stay connected with your loved ones during Umrah this Ramadan.”

Zong 4G, as a customer-centric network, has prioritized meeting the needs of its users. Consequently, it has facilitated seamless and uninterrupted connectivity for travelers heading to the Saudi Arabia, allowing them to effortlessly share their Umrah memories with loved ones throughout their journey.