PTI Launched its Official iOS App | InfoZonePK

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has officially launched its iOS App. This app isPTI managed by PTI’s Social Media Team.

PTI is the Movement for Justice in Pakistan. Imran Khan, the Chairman of PTI has been working to bring Change and Prosperity in Pakistan for 16 years now and has believes that PTI will sweep the General Elections of 2013 in Pakistan. The Youth of Pakistan has decided that PTI is the party for Change. This application will empower the PTI supporters through the following features:

  • Get the Party Faces: Through this app, you will have first hand access to PTI Ideology, Constitution and detailed Policies. You can also see Leadership Assets.
  • Voter Verification:Through this app, you can send your CNIC to Election Commission of Pakistan and verify your vote. You will figure out which constituency your vote is registered at.
  • Get Involved: You can signup to volunteer for this historic PTI Election Campaign. You can listen to Insaf Radio, watch exclusive interview of PTI leadership and volunteers via Insaf TV and share it with your friends and family.
  • Contribute Funds: You can easily contribute funds to the party initiatives through an express page, which would take less than 4 minutes
  • Real Time Party Updates: You can get real time news feeds of PTI events, get live feeds of Facebook and Twitter updates.

You can get this app by searching in Apple App store with keybord ‘PTI Official’ or via visiting

Following are some screen shots from the PTI iOS app: